A Letter from Norman Lear

Dear Friend,

I was a kid of the Depression and my dad went belly up and suffered it along with most of his generation. But he was either so blind to his reality or so unwavering in the faith he had in himself that he was ALWAYS going to be a millionaire in "10 days to 2 weeks!"

Dad passed almost 60 years ago, but a day doesn't go by when he’s not sitting on my shoulder. Imagine my shock when I ran into him recently, alive and well and outrageous as ever… only this time he was named Edward Bloom – a big, bold, fantastic storyteller and father to a son not unlike me – in the remarkable new Broadway musical, BIG FISH.

My sense is that there was (and is) a touch of Edward Bloom in most of our dads, men born during hard times who bought into the American Dream so fully that believing in it became a way of life. If you sense a shred of truth for you and your dad in this, you simply must see BIG FISH.

Norman Lear