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Museum Update with a ton of new games - Plus BATTLEZONE 2 Gameplay

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4th November 2022 41 min

Arcadians, We have a huge museum update for you this week with a ton of machines arriving at the museum. Plus a game I have never played before BATTLEZONE 2

Video pinball,

Check out our crazy road trip and how we rescued this game from a Derelict house in France.

👾 Help support the museum.

Keeping these machines alive and making it the best experience for your to enjoy please visit

Music supplied by Rich the world champion at championship Sprint, down load his music here

#arcade #museum #arcadegames

00:00 intro

00:38 New game arrivals

12:11 Museum Tour

23:21 Battlezone game play

26:49 BATTLEZONE 2 gameplay (Redzone kit)

34:58 New Arcade machines in my Arcade Volt

38:06 Summary

  • Arcade
  • Museum
  • Arcade machines
  • Arcade collection
  • Atari
  • Redzone
  • Pickups
  • Game room tour

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