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Uncovering Amazing Hidden art on a Atari Sprint 2 | State of Play

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17th December 2022 20 min

In this weeks episode we look the state of play for Atari’s Sprint 2

Join me and Richard at the start of this restoration series to get this machine working and back to its former glory.

#atari #sprint2 #restoration

00:00 Intro

01:25 State of play

04:03 Wiring inside cabinet

08:22 Stripdown

08:43 Monitor & PCB examined

11:03 First attempt at using Isopropyl on the aide art

14:09 Next day big reveal

15:13 Richard tells is how its done.

19:38 Outro music amd montage

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Music supplied by Rich the world champion at championship Sprint, down load his music here

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